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More surgery for Uschi

The long story of Uschi and the osteoarthritis in her carpus (wrist) joint gets longer still… The last lot of surgery Uschi had in October to remove loose pins from her leg was not successful and the infection was still preventing the bone grafts to take.  So this week we had to take her back […]

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Feeling Delicate

Uschi is back home today after a two night stay at the orthopaedic veterinary surgery. She’s had three loose screws removed from the metal plate in her leg. A lot of fluid was drawn off and cultures are being grown from the screws and fluid to find out what bacteria has infected the leg. Once […]

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We went to the specialist orthopaedic vet this afternoon. Uschi knew it was a vets straight away and was not impressed! She wanted to leave immediately! We had a long consultation with the vet and discussed her leg and the options that we have at the moment. So she is staying at the surgery this […]

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Tired :(

We’ve not updated the blog much recently because not much has changed, well if anything Uschi’s leg is worse 🙁 She’s very lame now and so (to cut a very long story short) we’re seeing an orthopaedic specialist later this week. She can’t go on walks at all at the moment, she’s hops about on […]

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Lumpy Leg

We spoke to the vet yesterday about Uschi not using her leg again.  He suspects that there is still a low-grade infection around the plate in Uschi’s leg.  So we went in and collected another course of anti-biotics.  It’s likely that the infection won’t clear up and the plate will eventually need to come out. […]

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