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Getting Better?

Uschi seems to be putting her leg down a little bit more over the last couple of days. She doesn’t use her leg a lot, but she’s using it a lot more to steady herself when she is standing. We are hoping that this is a sign that if there is any infection in her […]

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Flat Out

Cloud and rain today means that Uschi is recovering inside! We think she’s starting to put down her leg a little more. It’s only occasionally and she’s still mainly hopping about on three legs, but there are some signs that things are improving for her 🙂

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The photos of Uschi are going to be pretty similar for the next 7-9 weeks or so! She’s going to mainly be resting until her leg is x-rayed. The x-ray is due 10-12 weeks from the date of the operation.

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Working at Home

Uschi likes it when I work at home, she is very helpful when working on the laptop!

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Poorly Tummy

Uschi is a bit fed up today, she’s got a poorly tummy and is refusing to eat any food. She loves being wrapped in a blanket when she’s feeling sorry for herself!

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